Amber Alert canceled for allegedly kidnapped baby

HOUSTON The mother and baby are back together, but it was a very scary few hours for her. She had no idea where her little girl might be.

The story began unfolding at the suspect's house on Lynkat. Police say 36-year-old Quoc Vuong, who had a gun, threatened to kill himself if the mother, Tran Nso, left his home. When she did, he followed her.

After Nso dropped off her 9-month-old baby girl, Nhi Buong, with some relatives, investigators say her boyfriend, who was not the child's father, took the baby.

"The mother told us that the suspect is not the child's father but is known to and will harm the child if necessary, as well as himself," HPD spokesman John Cannon said.

Patrol officers quickly found the minivan he was driving at the Hong Kong Market on Bellaire Boulevard, but there was no sign of the suspect or kidnapped child.

"I was resting in my car and saw (them and thought), 'Hmm why so many police cars,'" witness Jan Lue said. "Then I saw the guy in handcuffs. That's all I saw."

Almost five hours after the baby disappeared, Vuong turned himself in at a police substation a few miles from where he left his van.

"I think his intent at the moment was one thing and then after he realized, he turned himself in," shopper Bill Chu said.

Quoc Vuong was being questioned by police on Friday night. He's been charged with aggravated kidnapping.
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