Houston-area residents accused in MD slayings

HOUSTON Investigators call the crime scene horrific and disgusting. The bodies of two women and two children were found in an apartment in Maryland. Police say the apartment was like a junkyard.

Investigators in Maryland arrested two people from the Dickinson/ Texas City area in connection with this quadruple-murder; they are charged with first degree murder.

When Darrell Bellard and 18-year-old girlfriend Tkeisha Gilmer left their Dickinson home Sunday, no one thought anything of it, including Bellard's mother, who lives next door. So imagine her surprise when she turned on the TV to hear her son was arrested for killing four people in Maryland.

"I can't believe it. I'm shocked," said Eva Spencer, Bellard's mother.

Investigators in Prince George's County, Maryland say the couple shot and killed two women at this filthy garage apartment and two children, ages 3 and 4.

"We believe that this was due to a drug relationship that went very, very bad," said Chief Roberto Hylton with Maryland Police Department in Prince George's County.

The police chief described the victims' living conditions as "horrific." There wasn't any running water, air conditioning or toilets. Trash was everywhere and there were buckets of feces.

"I'm very disgusted about the senseless, cowardly act," he said.

Spencer told Eyewitness News the victims are relatives through marriage -- Bellard's sister-in-law's sister. And there's indication they were targeted.

"I was devastated. I was devastated for their family. I was really hurt about the kids," she said.

It is more stinging because Bellard and Gilmer have a 10-month-old son together who was left with a babysitter Sunday and is now in the care of his grandmother.

"I think every moment, what if this happened to him and how it could have been, knowing that if he did that, that he has a 10-month-old child," Spencer said.

Spencer says she has no idea if her son was involved in drugs and added he hasn't been in trouble with the law before. Authorities in Maryland are considering additional charges against the Bellard and Gilmer.

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