Judge appoints receiver to clean up company's illegal dumping

PASADENA, TX Harris County District Judge Kyle Carter appointed on Friday the receiver after hearing testimony about U.S. Oil Recovery, L.L.P.'s continuous illegal dumping of wastewater into Vince Bayou.

The Harris County Attorney's Office had filed a lawsuit in May 2009 against the company's owner, Klaus Genssler, alleging he violated several environmental laws and regulations. The county accused him of dumping flammable and hazardous wastewater into leaking drums, barrels and containers along the bayou.

The Harris County Attorney's Office was granted four temporary restraining orders and two temporary injunctions in the case, but Genssler didn't stop taking in waste for another nine months. He also refused to obey subpoenas, have his deposition taken or dispose of the dangerous waste stored at the site.

During testimony, the Judge Carter heard citizens complain about air nuisances caused by open vessels of wastewater and the lack of firefighting capabilities at the facility.

Judge Carter finally appointed a receiver to take over Genssler's assets and remove the waste. The massive cleanup is expected to cost around $1.4 million.

The facility is located at 200 and 400 North Richey Road.

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