Top three calorie-burning exercises

HOUSTON What's the easiest way to burn calories and do so quickly? Dan Riley has trained members of four NFL Super Bowl teams, and he says the lat pull-down, the bench press and the leg press.

"The subjects burned on average 773 calories in a two-day period after they did 12 high intensity exercises," Riley said.

That's right: 773 calories over two days! One study found that volunteers who did four sets of each burned calories for as long as 48 hours because of muscle recovery -- muscles burning calories in order to recover from the exercise.

"It would be like walking, jogging or running eight miles, and you've literally done nothing but perform some high intensity strength training exercises," he said.

You may be thinking you can't do that, but you can. We're going to take three calorie burning exercises and show you how you start.

Take the lat pull-down. It works the same muscles as a chin-up or pull-up, but it's easier.

"Come down in a smooth and controlled manner come down and stop. Pause for the count of 1001. Now in a smooth and deliberate manner, evenly emphasize the lowering of the weight," Riley explained.

The bench press is another calorie burner because it uses several of the big muscle groups at the same time.

"This is a multi-joint exercise it's involving both the wrist, the elbow and the shoulders," Riley said.

Riley says beginners should start with a light weight, then add weight each workout. And don't get discouraged.

The leg press works the same muscles as a squat.

Riley says women shouldn't worry about bulking up. By exercising only twice a week, it should help firm, tone, and burn calories, not add muscle size.

Riley's tips for beginners: the slower the better. Pause when your muscle is contracted. And take more time when you're lowering the weight.

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