HPD officer facing sexual assault charges

HOUSTON Harris County DA Pat Lykos calls it a sad day for all of law enforcement, as Officer Demetrie Trevail Dixon, 26, stands accused of using his position to intimidate women into sexual acts. Investigators say Dixon assaulted the women at three locations while patrolling in northwest Houston.

An HPD internal affairs division investigation has corroborated claims of three women who claim they were targeted by Dixon. He was arrested following an undercover police sting operation, and photo lineups in which the victims positively identified him as their attacker.

Dixon has been charged with sexual assault and official oppression. According to court documents, while on patrol in April and May, he allegedly raped two women twice on four separate occasions.

"It's unfortunate when any employee of the Houston Police Department commit allegations of misconduct that tarnish the image of the Houston Police Department and all the hard-working men and women at HPD," said Houston Police Department Chief Charles McClelland.

One victim says the officer picked her up at a bus stop in the 5700 block of West 34th Street, told her he had to search her and put her in the back of his patrol car.

The charging document says she was taken to a warehouse then in the 5800 block of West 34th Street, where Officer Dixon told her to "...take off your shirt and bra..." and then to "...remove your shorts."

Investigators say the victim was then sexually assaulted.

The same victim reports being raped in a similar fashion by Dixon after being picked up at a Texaco and taken to another warehouse in the 2400 block of Central Parkway Drive.

A second victim says she, too, was picked up twice by Dixon. She says she was walking on West 34th Street, forced into his patrol car and taken nearby to a warehouse area in the 4500 block of Tulsa, where Dixon allegedly sexually assaulted her.

That was in April.

She says it happened again just last month, that she, too, was taken to that warehouse area on Central Parkway Drive and raped there. She even claims she dropped a tube of Chapstick there, which investigators later found.

Dixon's oppression charge stems from a prior incident from December of last year in which a third woman alleges he forced her into the back of his patrol car, that he then took her to a area on Tulsa and made her strip for him.

Dixon, who has been relieved of duty, has been arrested and his bond is set at a total of $122,000. He is due for his first court appearance Monday. If you recognize him and know more about any other alleged incidents he may have been involved in, Houston police want to hear from you. They are looking for more victims.

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