Deputy wounded, suspect killed in west Harris Co.

HOUSTON The shootout wounded the deputy constable and killed one of the three suspects.

Just after 11:30am Wednesday, dozens of gunshots pierced through the quiet west Harris County neighborhood. Diedre Baker and her children heard it all.

"We were at home and she noticed the cop cars driving back and forth," said Baker. "My son was out in the backyard and so I went outside to talk to him and then all of a sudden we just heard gunshots going off."

What ended in gunfire that left one suspect dead and Constable Sergeant Jason McDaniel with minor facial injuries actually began an hour earlier. Around 10:30am, neighbors saw three men carting items out of a house and called for help. When constables arrived, two of the three suspects gave up and were arrested. However, one of the suspects fled the scene.

"Forty minutes later, one of our sergeants was checking a home in the area, walking up a driveway between two brick homes. He was ambushed by the suspect and he was fired upon," said Harris County Precinct 5 Assistant Chief Deputy J.J. Laine.

The suspect was killed in the shootout that involved several deputies, but Sgt. McDaniel was lucky as he only received a few facial lacerations. McDaniel was transported to Christus St. Catherine's Hospital down the street from the shooting, but he soon returned to the scene where an hours-long investigation has left a neighborhood bewildered.

"It was really crazy, like I wasn't expecting anything," said neighbor Soraya Baker.

A lot of neighbors said they are relieved that some of their other neighbors were alert this morning.

Sgt. McDaniel is working with investigators over the details of what exactly took place. He is an 18- year employee who currently works as a patrol sergeant.

The identities of the suspects have not been released.

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