Police probe murder-suicide in League City

LEAGUE CITY, TX The double shooting took place Monday afternoon in League City on Seminole Drive at FM 2094.

Neighbors say around 4pm Monday afternoon, a woman came running out of the house with her husband chasing her with a pistol.

She ran two doors down trying to get a neighbor to help, but her husband was too close behind.

League City police said the husband, who's about 36, chased his 34-year-old wife outside of their house with a .40 caliber pistol, screaming.

She ran across two front yards before banging on neighbor Dave Eveland's door. He had been home from work for only about 30 minutes.

"Somebody came hollering, screaming, banging on the door, and she's saying, 'Help me, help me. Call 911,'" Eveland said. "I opened the door, looked her right in the face and right behind her was a guy with a gun pointing at us. It was a big gun, so I grabbed the phone, slammed the door and hit the floor."

Eveland said he then heard about three gunshots.

Police said the husband shot his wife twice, then turned the gun on himself.

Both of them died in Eveland's driveway.

Police said they currently have no idea what prompted the shooting.

Police haven't received previous calls from the couple's address.

The three children of the woman who was killed were picked up from a day care. Their ages are 8, 6, and 3.

Eveland said he's been playing the scene over and over in head and still doesn't know what he could have done differently because it happened so fast and he also was worried about protecting his family, who also were inside the home during the shooting.

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