Semi driver dies after confrontation at gas station

HOUSTON Police say the 76-year-old driver of the semi was leaving a gas station at Howard and the Gulf Freeway when the 18-wheeler struck another vehicle. The driver of the car confronted the big rig driver and told him he would call the police.

The semi driver tried to pull away when the car's driver jumped onto the steps of the 18-wheeler cab and held on by the mirror. That's when the rig driver took a swipe at the man with a sharp object, police believe it may have been a light volt meter, to get the man off his truck.

The big rig driver drove under the Gulf Freeway, turning south on the feeder road with the man still hanging on. That's when the car's driver noticed the semi driver had collapsed behind the wheel.

The man managed to get off the 18-wheeler with no injury. The semi driver was later treated by EMS with CPR before he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have not said whether any charges will be filed.

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