Two injured in explosion at Texas A&M lab

COLLEGE STATION, TX According to an A&M spokesperson, two graduate students, a man and woman, were working on an experiment in the chemistry lab annex in the heart of the campus when a vessel they were working with over-pressurized and exploded.

"They were working with some sort of experiment in a small beaker and it over pressurized and the beaker exploded, and resulted in the minor injuries for them," said Texas A&M spokesperson Lane Stephenson.

The male student walked into the ambulance and the female student was taken on a stretcher. Both students were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Their injuries were described as minor.

Emergency crews responded to the scene. There is no sign outside of the building of any damage.

The school issued an emergency alert to student cell phones and local radio stations ordering an evacuation of the chemistry annex following the explosion. A half hour later, the school issued an alert saying the situation was stabilized.

If you have cell phone video or snapshots from the scene in College Station, send them to Eyewitness News.

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