Group releases list of top Houston schools

HOUSTON The group found some positive changes in the Houston area, but also recognized a lot of work ahead. Children at Risk evaluated over 140 public schools in Houston.

They ranked the best schools as the following:

  • The best elementary school went to T.H. Rogers
  • The best middle school also went to T.H. Rogers
  • The best high school went to DeBakey High School for Health Professions

The ranking is based on 14 methods of evaluations. While Children at Risk says these schools represent the good that these campuses were able to do, the list also shows several schools in HISD that are closer to the bottom of the rankings.

Children at Risk says their statistics show the six year graduation rate in HISD is at 54 percent.

"It is low. I think when you look at it and say 46 percent in the ninth grade will never finish high school, that's distressing, isn't it?" said Dr. Bob Sanborn with Children At Risk. "That is what is happening here in HISD. So I think it's really incumbent upon us to see what is working and to say, how do we do that, to engage all of these kids?"

"If you look at the number of schools that we have compared to the number total that they look at, we actually have a bigger percentage in the top 10 for middle school, elementary and high school than we actually had part in the study," said Norm Uhl HISD Spokesperson.

The study pointed out to some positive things. They added something new this year -- the best improved school, which went to Westbury High School. It was towards the end of the list last year. This year, it is making improvements.

See the complete list of Texas schools as they are ranked:

  • High schools
  • Middle schools
  • Elementary schools
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