Elderly man arrested after SWAT standoff

HOUSTON A SWAT team used tear gas twice this morning, as they tried to get an 84-year-old man to come out of his home.

The situation started at 1am on Amplewood near Fairpoint. Police say Jarold Lancaster had been drinking and got into an argument with his wife. He fired a shot at her, but she wasn't hit. She ran out and called for help. Then, Lancaster barricaded himself in the home. He refused to come out even when tear gas was used.

"It's kind of unusual an 85-year-old man. We put lots of tear gas in there. He withstood the tear gas. It seemed like it didn't even phase him," said Lt. A. Mihalco with the Houston Police Department.

"I was asleep most of the time and then when I woke up. It didn't bother me," said Lancaster.

Lancaster told Eyewitness News he had enough guns in his home to arm an entire army. He is charged with aggravated assault.

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