Tips for those who suffer seasonal allergies

HOUSTON Is your car green? It is tree pollen season and though Tuesday's rain washed some pollen away, more is right behind it. What does that mean for you?

"Sneezing and itching, itchy can be manifest by rubbing the eyes, scratchy throat," said Dr. Stuart Abramson, Baylor pediatric allergist. "You can also have runny nose, post nasal drip and coughing."

But people were sick all winter with swine flu, strep throat, stomach viruses, and plain old colds. Now that it is allergy season, how can you tell if you have allergies or something else?

"With a cold, it's usually not so much itching, but mainly congestion and it can be uncomfortable. It can be painful swelling," said Dr. Abramson.

But as we all know, allergies can end up making you sick, too.

"If the nose is congested, you are a set up for ear infections, as well as sinus infections," he said. "If you have uncontrolled inflammation of the nose."

And kids will give away their allergies.

"Sometimes they wiggle their nose. We call that the bunny nose, or they do a salute, pushing it up rubbing their eyes those are all signs of allergy," said Dr. Abramson.

And spring allergies can trigger asthma worse. Kids with severe allergies may not sleep well and doctors say it's important to treat them.

Nasal sprays, topical nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines, both sedating and non-sedating are options depending on the allergies and the time of day. Washing your hair, because pollen sticks to hair and staying inside when the pollen count is high, will also help.

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