Two educators arrested, face drug charges

February 26, 2010 9:15:13 PM PST
Two local educators including an assistant principal are charged because of what happened outside a Montrose club Thursday night. They were busted with cocaine. Matthew Neufeld is an assistant principal for Alief ISD's Chancellor Elementary and has been with the district for 10 years. Bradley Voss is an English teacher at Stafford High School. Neither was at school Friday and neither will be there on Monday.

One of the two assistant principal parking spots at Chancellor Elementary was never filled today. Assistant Principal Matthew Neufeld called the school Friday morning according to the district and told them he wouldn't be in. It turns out he had been arrested and was in jail.

"I was like where's Mr. Neufeld?" said one student.

According to Houston police, Neufeld was with another teacher, Stafford High's Bradley Voss, late Thursday night. Police say they were sitting in Voss' car in a parking lot in the Montrose area, acting suspiciously. When an officer approached, he noticed two plastic bags with white powder on the driver's seat. It later tested positive for cocaine.

Both teachers were arrested. They've both been placed on administrative leave with pay by their respective districts and are now facing criticism.

"I think it's bad news," said Santiago Rosa, a Chancellor Elementary parent.

Bonnie Davis' grandchildren are greeted every day by the Drug Free Zone sign outside Chancellor where Neufeld has been an assistant principal for three years.

"I think that sets a bad example," said Davis.

She's not sure whether he can once again be an effective educator.

"Who's going to believe him and take his advice?" asked Davis.

It has become a teaching moment for fifth grader Calysta Reyes.

"I didn't think he's the kind of person to do that because he's nice, but you can't judge a book by its cover," said Reyes.

Both teachers have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, less than one gram. They both posted bond Friday evening and are out of jail. Both are expected in court on Monday.

Police did not say what they were doing in the parking lot that was so suspicious.