Firefighters named honorary Knights at 'Camelot'

February 21, 2010 7:17:48 AM PST
Some Houston firefighters are Camelot's newest Knights of the Round Table. The firefighters of Houston Fire Station 13 were named honorary knights during the Masquerade Theater's production Saturday night at the Hobby Center. The crew was the first on the scene when an electrical fire broke out at Masquerade's warehouse earlier this month.

The theater company says it was the least they could do.

"Because of that, it wasn't so significant that it completely destroyed us. It set us back, but these men were the people that stood between putting us under and us being able to regroup," said Paula Smith of the Masquerade Theatre.

Houston firefighter Ismael Alvarez said, "It's nice to know that people out there really do appreciate us, especially for something like this."

The Masquerade theatre is the only acting group made up of only Houston residents.