Donley the rescued dolphin going to Sea World

January 29, 2010 8:04:17 AM PST
A young bottlenose dolphin rescued nearly three months ago from a sand bar near Port Aransas is moving to Sea World in San Antonio. The Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, on its Web site, announced the calf dubbed Donley has improved and will be leaving the group's rehabilitation site in Galveston.

Specifics on the transfer are being worked out for the male dolphin that was rescued Nov. 3.

A statement from the rescue group says Donley "continues to do well and is as playful as ever!"

The National Marine Fisheries Service in December reviewed the rescued animal's progress and behavior and determined the dolphin could not be released back into the wild.

Donley was initially fed formula with a tube and had to learn to eat whole dead fish.