Save big by clipping coupons

January 26, 2010 12:50:10 PM PST
If you still haven't jumped on the clipping coupon craze to shop for groceries, we're going to give you some new reasons why you should. You are not only going to save hundreds of dollars a year, but they are several new coupon trends now and on the horizon that will make saving money with coupons faster, easier and in the long run save you even more money.

She moves through the grocery store with such ease.

"We are going to zip over to the organic food aisle," she says.

She knows where the deals are.

"This item is actually on sale at 50 percent off," she says.

And where the steals are.

"I get it absolutely free," she says.

She is the coupon mom.

For the last 15 years, Stephanie Nelson has been using coupons to save on her grocery bill. Years later, she has a New York Times best-selling book, a publicist and a website.

"Our website has been around for nine years. Two years ago, at the start of the recession, we had 200,000 members. Now, two years later, we have 2.2 million members. We have gained two million members in two years," said Nelson.

Now that coupons are popular with so many people, the market is changing.

"A major trend is that more consumers are willing to use coupons and that's good, because the more coupons are used the more coupon manufacturers will put out," said Nelson.

Another trend is that Nelson says she is also seeing more and more companies offer internet printable coupons, making it easier to pick and choose what you want to buy. In addition, stores like Kroger have coupons that customers can download onto their savings card. It's something that Nelson always does.

"I actually loaded several electronic coupons on my store loyalty card by going to the store website, selecting offers I like, clicking and the information was on the card," said Nelson.

As far as the future of coupons, Nelson says more coupons will be available to download and scan from your cell phone, plus coupon applications to go along with it. She also says shopping stores will eventually add an even more personalized shopping experience.

"When you walk into a grocery store, you are going to see coupon kiosks where you simply scan your card and you get coupons that are tailored to your purchase behavior," Nelson said.

It's just another way people can save money. And if you are wondering just how much money Nelson saved on this grocery trip? Before coupons and saving card perks, the total was $97.60. But after dozens of coupons were scanned, Nelson ended up paying $12.73.

Nelson's website is called You can actually print a list of all the sale items from your favorite stores and where you can find the coupons to go along with it. She gives you a step-by -step guide on how to get started whether you are an expert or beginner. You have to sign up, but it is free.

Nelson says you still save even without coupons. She understands that many of us don't have the time or want to use coupons at the store. She says at the very least just stock up on sale items of your favorites and you could save up to 30 percent on your grocery bills.