Accused molester's ex-wife returns to stand

January 21, 2010 4:43:48 PM PST
It was another long day on the stand for a woman who is accusing her ex-husband of having sex with underage girls. Darren Castleberry was arrested in Thailand and deported to the US. In the past two days, Kim Castleberry spent 10 hours on the stand. For nine of those hours she was questioned by the defense as to whether or not she had ulterior motives to turn in her ex-husband. In the end, Kim told the court she was cooperating with authorities.

Kim Castleberry spent most of the morning testifying about a heated email she sent in 2006 to her ex-husband Darren Castleberry. Kim was answering questions today from the defense about her motive behind the email. Kim testified Montgomery County investigators asked her to write and send the email so they could learn Castleberry's whereabouts.

"I told him that I was tired of all his girlfriends, tired of him introducing the kids to all these different women and that I was going to get full custody," Kim Castleberry testified.

Darren Castleberry sat in court wearing his prison jumpsuit. There is no jury. The defense agreed to a trial by judge.

The email discussed in court by Kim Castleberry eventually lead to the arrest in Thailand of Darren Castleberry. He is accused of having sex with at least four female children dating as far back as 1984.

Kim Castleberry turned over pornographic images that reportedly included Darren Castleberry engaging in sexual acts with children in 2006. The Montgomery County investigator who handled the evidence took the stand late this afternoon.

Deputy Josh Hansen with the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable's Office testified, "She supplied me the items inside the safe box. I asked her for voluntary statements for how she came into possession of the items."

Deputy Hansen discussed the chain of evidence that he received from Kim Castleberry. The defense is trying to determine if there was any break in that chain, tainting the evidence. That has not been proven in this case.

As for prosecutors, they plan to call alleged victims of Darren Castleberry, many of whom are now adults, to the stand as early as tomorrow.