Massive fire destroys school in NW Harris Co.

HOUSTON The Mary Immaculate School was damaged during Hurricane Ike and was in the process of being rebuilt. It is a daycare serving about 130 children.

Three sisters were inside the school about to lock up for the evening and go back to their convent when the fire alarm went off. The next thing they knew, flames were leaping out of the building.

Once firefighters arrived, the situation became more difficult because there are no nearby fire hydrants. In fact, the closest hydrant is about three-quarters of a mile away. The firefighters ran a tanker truck relay, trying to transport water to the scene as quickly as possible.

So for awhile, the sisters could do nothing but watch their school burn and they said it was tough watching the flames.

"I was a little bit nervous to see the whole thing burned down," said Sister Theresa Ho. "I'm praying for inner peace at this moment so I know what to do. It seems like right now we can't do anything. We thank the firefighters and all the helpers."

The sisters were hoping the convent next door that they had just rebuilt after Ike would remain undamaged, but there not certain at this point.

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