Parents warned of attempted abductions in Conroe

HOUSTON Conroe ISD is sending out a serious warning to parents. An incident involving a stranger and a tenth grade girl at Caney Creek High School will be the 14th related report this year.

"There was one time when we would allow our children to walk to school. We only live a block away and now there's just no way," said Sandra Lindgram.

She has two children ages 11 and 13 in the district and says parents are very worried. The incidents have happened in the last three months. While one of the 14 has been dismissed after a misunderstanding, there is still a long list of reports.

"I don't even let my children walk to the store. She's been approached twice and she's just run home," said Lindgram.

Monday's incident involved a driver who approached a teen in the Country West subdivision after she got off the bus, then he approached her a second time before a male friend scared the driver off.

Lindgram says she won't let her kids out of her sight.

"There is a growing concern in this neighborhood and it scares the parents. It's just a matter of time before one is actually abducted," she said.

Conroe ISD is urging parents to remind their children about the dangers of talking with strangers or being approached by strangers. They're also asking anyone with information on these abduction attempts to call the Conroe ISD Police Department.
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