AT&T on-demand customers couldn't block porn

HOUSTON Uverse is the digital TV service offered by AT&T and like all TV subscription services it allows parents to block adult content. However, a recent software upgrade allowed adult content to get past parental controls even if the parental controls were set to block it out.

If you have AT&T Uverse, the on demand program guide allows you to see the name of movies and events currently available plus the poster art from each show. While searching for a movie to watch with her daughter, Susan Senter found movie titles and poster art she says are inappropriate for children.

"The titles and pictures alone were enough to just be appalling," said Susan.

The Senters were surprised the selections come up because they have parental controls set to block all adult content. So they called AT&T And found out about a recent system-wide Uverse upgrade.

"That kind of created a loophole in the past. All the adult content had been isolated to a certain category called "Adult Programming" and with a recent software upgrade they created a new section called Events On Demand," said Senter.

The Senters tell us while adult locks kept the questionable movies from being rented, AT&T could not get the images or risque titles off the Events On Demand section.

"There was nothing they could do, they had no plans to change it," said Susan's husband, Bobby Senter.

We contacted AT&T and sent them images of the poster art in question. Those images are so racy, we can't show them to you. Just 24 hours after we contacted AT&T, the company found a way to once again allow parents nationwide the ability to clean up the content displayed in the Events On Demand section of Uverse.

An AT&T spokesperson said, "We have updated our parental controls so when customers block all "adults only" content, poster art will also be blocked."

It's the kind of control the Senters wanted all along.

"We should have the right to block it out if we don't want it shown in our home," said Susan.

The bottom line for parents, even if you have locked out adult content, go through the channels anyway, see what is displayed because is some cases it takes extra steps to block out the on demand adult content.

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