Woman carjacked while unloading groceries

HOUSTON The carjacking was originally reported on Hollow Tree, and the car was found soon after on Sterlingshire. Police say the woman told them that the men who carjacked her had threatened her with a gun. That's when the thieves took the car, with the woman claiming that her one-year old son was inside.

"The female reported that she yelled at him that her one-year-old child was in the back seat," said Sgt Charles Leithner with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "He continued to drive away."

It turns out her child was not in the car. The one-year-old boy was later found unharmed on her cousin's balcony. It's still not clear how long the boy had been with the woman's cousin.

Police later found both suspects. They were arrested. The mother is still being questioned.

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