Vandals shoot out car windows

ATASCOCITA, TX We're talking about 59 cars over two days, with their windows shot out. More than half of those happened sometime between 1am and 5am Friday, leaving people scrambling to keep out the rain.

Shattered car windows greeted one neighbor after another all across the Atascosita area.

Vandalism victim Leny Gonzalez said, "I'm nervous and upset. It's terrible."

Gonzalez says she was getting ready to take her five-year-old daughter to school when she noticed the gaping hole growing across her back window.

"It was little and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger," explained Leny's daughter, Emily Gonzalez.

The precinct four constable's office says someone used a BB gun to shoot 37 car windows overnight and another 22 this past Saturday.

For Gary Clark, who lives on a fixed income, the damage to his car is no joke.

"It's going to be a chunk of change," he said.

The wave of vandalism is giving auto glass repair shops plenty of work. But with nothing stolen and victims apparently chosen at random, Assistant Chief Woody Mitchell says the motive is simple.

"They think it's fun to shoot out people's windows," he explained.

For five-year-old Emily, it's even simpler.

She said, "Because they're mean."

Right now deputies have no leads. But because of the number of cars involved, currently totaling 59, the constable's office says if and when they catch the person or group responsible, they'll be looking at filing felony charges that carry with them two to ten years behind bars.

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