Scouts come to aid of wheelchair-bound man

May 29, 2009 5:15:37 PM PDT
Some Houston Cub Scouts were on a mission to help a man they didn't even know. The kids saw a man in a wheelchair selling newspapers in the hot sun and wanted to help, so they got to work.

"Junior," as he's known, works seven days a week selling newspapers.

"That's a hard way to make a living and it's a difficult life for somebody that's confined to a wheelchair," said Cub Scouts Den 6 leader Laura Hebert.

So the kids from Cub Scouts Den 6 in west Houston got together and started collecting cans. They wanted to raise enough money to get a custom made umbrella for Junior.

"We all raised some money. We opened up a bank account that people could put money in and when he needed it most, he could take money out," said Cub Scout Zachary Hebert.

The scouts not only raised enough money to get him an umbrella. They also got Junior a new wheelchair.

"We all wanted to pitch in and help," another one of the scouts told us.

What started out as a small project led to the scouts setting records for service for boys their age.

The aluminum tabs from cans the scouts collected are being sent to the Ronald McDonald House. The charity provides a place to stay while their child is hospitalized.

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