Susan Boyle loses her cool

LONDON, England The spokeswoman said the golden-voiced and fluffy-haired singer, who became an overnight sensation after appearing on the show, was left distressed after being taunted by two reporters at the Wembley Plaza Hotel on Wednesday.

"Two journalists were harassing her and pushed her (Boyle) over the edge. She was left slightly distressed and the journalists were removed from the building by police," the spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity because she represents all of the contestants on the show.

The spokeswoman gave no further details of how Boyle was harassed or what she said.

One of the show's judges, Piers Morgan, said Boyle was under a great deal of pressure.

"You could see the nerves almost crippling her on the semifinal show, and I just think it's time that everyone slightly backed off," he said in an interview on the LBC 97.3 radio station Thursday.

The spokeswoman was responding to questions about a Sun newspaper report Thursday.

The newspaper said she swore using four-letter words after two strangers set out to aggravate her and that police came up to ask her if there was a problem. It reported that Boyle stormed out of the hotel and spoke to police in the parking lot. It printed a photograph of her talking to a police officer.

The Scottish singer, who suffered learning difficulties as a child and was bullied by other children, is the overwhelming favorite in Saturday's Britain's Got Talent finals. The show is expected to draw millions of viewers in Britain, where it will be broadcast live.

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