19 pairs of twins at one Houston school!

HOUSTON Imagine never being alone, always having someone to tell your secrets to, someone who wants to do the same thing you want to do. That's only part of what it's like to be a twin at Eleanor Tinsley Elementary where there are 19 pairs of twins.

Kayla Cane knows her twin sister is her best defense against their older brother.

"Because he's always picking on us and daddy says for us to beat him together," Kayla said.

The immensity of the multiples began with a "twins" page on the school website. The webmaster thought and identified eight pairs of twins, which seemed like a lot.

"And then one day she came up to me and said, 'Did you know we have 19 pairs of twins at the school?' and I said, 'I had no idea!'" Principal Brenda Arteaga said.

Three brothers were an added bonus. Jalon, Jared and Jelel Williams are triplets with a tricky streak.

"Me and him switched jackets and he went to my class and I went to his class and we spent the whole day like that," Jared said.

However, Irma and Marla Hernandez point out that twice the fun can lead to twice the aggravation.

"Like, when she gets my things. I get mad at her," Irma said.

There are potentially some benefits, though.

"The best part of being a triplet is having someone to blame things on," Jelel said.

His brother Jared took a more sentimental view.

"The best part is when you're lonely and don't have any friends, you got your brothers," he said.

The school's principal went online to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if there was a mark for this and sure enough, there was. The record was 18 sets of twins at a school in England, so she submitted the school.

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