Massive overhaul expected for TxDOT

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So far, the recommendations over how TxDOT should be run is causing a lot of contention. In fact, lawmaker were up half the night debating issues and making recommendations which are quite sweeping.

If a bill currently being considered passes, it would require that a state-wide elected commissioner would govern the TxDOT board instead of what's in place now, which is a five-member appointed board. Also, 14 regional commissioners would be elected and a last minute add-on would require contractors to pay damages to businesses that have been adversely affected by TxDOT project delays.

One of the big changes deals with red light cameras. There has been a lot of debate over how effective they are. The bill would prohibit state and local governments from adding more red light cameras and when current camera contracts end, cities would not be able to renew them.

Some of the other recommendations involve who would issue your driver's license. Lawmakers want to take that oversight away from TxDOT.

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