Firefighters busy battling several fires

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That fire broke out at townhomes on Carvel near Longvine just after 2am. When fire crews arrived, they saw flames shooting through the roof. The homeowners told Eyewitness News the structures were built in the late 1970s and they didn't have a common firewall between the units.

Several homeowners said that the woman who lives in the unit where the fire is believed to have started doesn't know her home was destroyed. She's a pharmacist and was at work at the time of the fire.

One of the homeowners said when she got home this morning, she heard a strange sound coming from inside of the wall. That sound started intensifying. She ran outside and realized the fire was going. The flames spread very quickly.

"I get home about 15 minutes before anything started and I go in the home and I go in my bed, about to sleep and we hear like cracking and popping," said fire victim Allison Pedigo. "I can't smell, so my grandmother said it smells like fire. So I go and I look out the window and it's just orange. So I go out and we had to get everybody out of their house."

Luckily, everyone did get out safely. Initially, fire crews did a check, thinking that someone may have been inside because of the time of the fire.

Six townhomes suffered some type of damage. Three of the units were damaged significantly. One was a complete total loss.

There were two other fires earlier this morning. One of those was at an apartment complex. We're told it was a minor one and was completely put out. There were no injuries in that fire.

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