Firefighters volunteer to cover shifts

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This is what it means to be part of a brotherhood. The firefighters who are here from out of town consider it an honor to help.

At Fire Station 3 in southwest Houston, we talked to some firefighters from the Byran Fire Department. Like volunteers all over the city, they're in Houston to fill in and staff our community's fire stations, while Houston firefighters attend the memorial service for Captain Harlow and Firefighter Hobbs.

They're here on their own time, doing all the same work and going on the calls meant for our fire crews, but they certainly don't mind.

"You're saddened. You kind of know what the guys are going through, and you feel bad for them," said Matt Miller from the Bryan Fire Department. "You want to help."

"Since we got here, they've made us feel at home," added Lt. Jason Merriweather from the Bryan Fire Department. "It's been great. They've been great to us."

We were there as other firefighters arrived in town Wednesday night from Ft. Worth, and some came, too, from Austin and Beaumont. Dozens of out-of-town firefighters are here for this purpose.

They'll leave almost as quickly as they came, some of them as early as today, as soon as those Houston firefighters can get back to their respective fire stations.

How you can help

If you want to help the families of the firefighters, you can make a donation to "The 100 Club".

Just mail your donation to the Survivor's Fund to the following:

    The 100 Club Incorporated
    1233 West Loop South, Suite 1250
    Houston, Texas 77027.

The organization helps the families of police officers and firefighters who were killed in the line of duty.

The Last Alarm Club of Houston was founded in 1977 to help families of Houston fire fighters killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. They will be assisting the Harlow and Hobbs families. Contributions are welcomed.

More information is available at or by calling 713-223-9166.

- Statement from Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association (HPFFA)

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