Police dog helps subdue suspect

April 2, 2009 8:21:40 AM PDT
A SWAT standoff is now over on Houston's south side. A man was holed up in a business for hours before authorities forced their way inside to end that standoff.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Police responded to a business called The Meat Market off Scott and Reed Road around 2am. Authorities tried talking to the suspect for hours before they decided to force their way inside the business. When they did, a police dog apparently bit the suspect several times.

The suspect came to the window several times during the standoff. He even let a man and a woman he was holding inside the business out unharmed.

Police believe that one of those individuals released is the man's brother, but the suspect's relationship to the female is unknown.

Details are still sketchy on what transpired before police were called. It's believed the suspect may have been involved in some type of incident prior to coming to the store.

Authorities don't believe the man was armed, but they took all precautions to make sure this incident ended peacefully.

The suspect was treated for the dog bites and is now heading to jail.

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