Police find 21 cats in motel room

March 30, 2009 5:53:32 PM PDT
A North Texas man who previously kept dead animals in cold storage and dozens more living in filthy conditions is under investigation over hoarding cats again. Plano police found almost two dozen cats in Ron Teague's motel room today.

Police stopped Sunday and found he had outstanding warrants for animal cruelty and outdated animal vaccinations related to his previous case. The Dallas Morning News reports Teague told police this morning that several cats at a Plano motel needed attention.

Authorities say newspapers found in the room suggest Teague had obtained cats listed in classified ads. Officials also found receipts showing Teague had been paying for several motel rooms for some time.

In July 2007, Teague led police on a high-speed chase and later claimed he was rushing his sick cat to the veterinarian. Officials then found several dead cats inside a refrigerator and freezer during a search of Teague's home. Workers also removed dozens of dogs and cats from Teague's home.

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