Victim details her escape from kidnappers

February 13, 2009 3:36:40 PM PST
In her own words we hear from the woman who was kidnapped in the River Oaks area a year ago. Police say it was a kidnapping plot that started long before, by two convicts behind bars. They're still at large, but one alleged accomplice is in custody. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

"Every moment is great now," said the victim, who wants her identity protected.

Nearly a year after surviving a violent kidnapping, the victim credits her children for her survival. She says they gave her the strength to fight her captors and survive the unthinkable.

She said, "I have three young children at home and I knew what the end result would likely be if I remained in the trunk."

It was February 2008 when the victim was on a morning jog near a River Oaks park when she says a gang of men in a silver colored car ambushed her. She was struck on the head with a billy club and forced into the trunk of the car. All she could think about while in the trunk were her kids and a TV program on survival.

"I just remember hearing at some point that if you were ever locked in a trunk to try to kick the taillights out," the victim explained. "I did try that for what seemed an eternity."

However, the victim didn't give up. She found the emergency trunk release, opened it, and jumped from the moving vehicle. She managed to outrun the suspects. They fled, but left behind a valuable clue.

"During the fight, one of the suspects left a cell phone," explained Houston Police Sgt. Brian Harris.

From that, police identified three men. Two of the suspects -- Luis Salcido and Adam Herrera -- allegedly concocted the kidnapping while serving time together in prison. They reportedly read in books and researched on the internet about how to commit the crime. Police say they enlisted Clayton Haulcy through a drug dealer. All three men allegedly rented a car to commit the crime. They attempted first at a Rice Epicurean market, which failed. Then they tried again at the park.

The victim says the suspects attempted to use handcuffs on her, but because she was struggling, they didn't have time. That possibly saved her life.

She said, "I don't feel so brave or strong, or like any sort of hero. I just feel like someone who knew she had to get out of that trunk and survive for her family."

Haulcy is behind bars on $150,000 bond. The other two suspects, Salcido and Herrera, are still on the loose. Crime Stoppers raised the reward for their capture to $11,000.

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