Police release 911 kidnapping call

February 6, 2009 11:16:46 AM PST
We're learning more about the first report that Susana DeJesus had been kidnapped at gunpoint. Police have released a 911 call from the son of a co-worker who witnessed the crime.[AUDIO: Hear the 911 call from after the alleged abduction]

Susana DeJesus's family sent us new photos of her overnight, as they thanked the entire community for their prayers and thoughts.

The family goes on to say, "We just want whoever has her to release her and let her come home to us."

The last time DeJesus was seen leaving work at a Catherines Plus Size store in a Pearland shopping mall on Monday night. The co-worker said DeJesus had been acting nervous the whole day. Police believe that her demeanor raises some questions.

"There's probably an aspect in this victim's life that we're not aware of yet," said Captain Chris Kincheloe of the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office.

That is one lead the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office is following. DeJesus' Cadillac also may hold some clues. Houston police are holding it at the department's impound lot after dusting it for fingerprints and collecting evidence.

The possible suspect was photographed in the car at a bank soon after the kidnapping. The photo shows the man still wearing the mask and waiting as he withdrew cash from DeJesus' account at an ATM in southeast Houston.

Since the kidnapping, Brazoria County investigators have been working with several agencies. We learned Thursday they hope the Federal Bureau of Investigation can also help.

They're sending forensic evidence found at three recent home invasions in the area to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, to see if there is any link to the disappearance.

"What I'm hoping is that we get a hit off a piece of evidence and then we've got somebody we need to look for," said Captain Kincheloe.

That could take days, even weeks, and there is concern time is running out. While Capt. Kincheloe admits they have a few promising leads, he remains optimistic.

"I'm certainly not in a body recovery situation. I'm trying to find a woman and get her home," said Capt. Kincheloe.

There are more than a dozen full-time investigators working this case, but Brazoria County authorities stressed they still need the public's help.

If you see DeJesus, or know anything about this crime, please call the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office at 281-756-2392.

DeJesus' family is expected to make a statement later today.

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