Low on cash? Consider a used PC

January 29, 2009 4:46:12 PM PST
A lot of people are holding off on buying big ticket items. If a home computer is on your wish list, you may want to consider buying used. It could save you hundreds of dollars. You may be thinking buying a used, re-furbished computer is not up to snuff. You may be worried there might be something wrong with it. That's not the case according to the computer techs we talked to. They say these computers are as good as new at a fraction of the cost.

The sign outside of the Top Tech Experts store reads $125 and that's probably why it's been flooded with business.

That $125 price tag will get you a Dell refurbished computer.

"It's a complete system, a 17 inch monitor, it's the computer itself, mouse, keyboard, all the power cables, everything you need so when you get home," said Alex Diaz who owns the store. "You plug it in and you are set to go."

So what's the catch?

Diaz says he's able to price his computers so low because he buys the equipment from computer recyclers at rock bottom prices. Then he and his partner take the computers apart and make them run like new.

"We wipe the computer clean, re-install the operating system, put windows on it, [and get the] latest updates for you," he said.

The computers he sells come from Houston corporations and are business grade computers.

"These are high end systems that only a few years old and for most people, it's more than enough," Diaz said.

And there's a large selection of refurbished computers that range in price from $125 to $285.

We found a Dell computer with a flat screen monitor for $205. A newer, higher end Dell sells for $285. A similar computer for sale at a store like Best Buy runs about $700.

Shirley Gonzalez gets her computer repairs done at Top Tech. That's because she says taking it anywhere else will cost an arm and a leg.

"It's a better deal for people who have small businesses like myself," she told us.

At Top Tech it's free to get a computer diagnostics. After that most repairs will cost $50 to $75. And while Best Buy's Geek Squad will look at your computer for free, the minimum repair cost is $199.

Top Tech Experts say while they have a large selection of personal computers, they don't have a large selection of laptops. That's because businesses hold on to their laptops longer.

We have more information about the store on the Consumer Blog.

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