Are Circuit City deals worth it?

January 19, 2009 6:22:46 PM PST
The end is near for another national retailer. Circuit City is closing and the discount signs are already out. For anyone who has an extended warranty, a gift card or a nose for bargains, there are things you need to know now. Like the other going out of business sales we have already seen, there are things consumers need to know about the products they've already bought and what they might buy during the liquidation. The first signs of the Circuit City going out of business sale are out and they are attracting plenty of foot traffic to the stores.

Shopper Mary Maloney said, "I thought it was a pretty decent sale. I bought a wireless mouse for my computer and I got it for 10 percent off."

While Maloney liked the price of her new wireless mouse, not everyone was impressed by the sales in the store. Zoran Budimlic was looking for a netbook computer.

"It is the same price that it was," he said. "They are offering a10 percent discount, which is less of a discount than you can get online."

Before you go to any liquidation sale, it's a good idea to do some research so you are certain the advertised deals are actually saving you money.

Deana Turner of the Houston Better Business Bureau advised, "Be careful and know your prices, Just because it says it is a going out of business sale, when people see that they automatically think they are going to go in and get fabulous deals and that is not always the case."

In fact one Circuit City employee who asked not to be identified told us the prices were better in his store before the liquidation sale started. Shopper Grant MacManus found that to be true, too.

"There were no real big prices that are worth shopping for," he said.

Remember -- as the signs on the door warn -- at Circuit City all sales are now final. That means if you have trouble with a product you will have to turn to the manufacturer for a fix.

If you previously bought an extended warranty through Circuit City, you are in luck. Third party companies perform that work and will still honor the warranty. As for gift cards, the stores are still taking them, but use them now.

Turner said, "Once the doors close, just because you have a gift card, it may say $25, it does not matter. It is not good anymore."

If you have a Circuit City branded credit card, it is now useless. The stores are not accepting them anymore.

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