Need a job in Houston quickly?

HOUSTON You may not get rich and you may have to look outside of your career field, but the fact is the 'help wanted' sign is out in plenty of places right here in Houston.

What we wanted to do is find the places and fields that always need help. Now, you may not get paid what you are accustomed to, but you will be working.

Here in Houston, work can be found in a variety of places right now. Career consultant Marilyn Logan knows a few places that will hire you almost overnight.

"Every other block, or every tenth block, there is a help wanted sign and I am saying it has your name on it," she told us.

The first thing you need know is you may not be working in your chosen career field and you may have to settle working for less money, but if you really want a job, Logan says you can find one.

Home health is one field hiring right now. Rhonda McGhee started working for Excel E-care seven years ago. She says there is always a need for home healthcare providers.

"You can get a job," said McGhee. "It is very easy to get a job."

McGhee helps her clients around the home and takes them on errands and because she's helping two people under one roof, McGhee makes about $600 a week. You don't need a medical background to start.

"Sometimes, I help them train," she said. "I train them and show them what to do."

Another place to find a quick job is valet services. A valet can make $300 a week or more depending on tips, and valet companies need workers right now.

"Especially during the holiday season, a lot of jobs open up," said valet supervisor Brian Delph. "We have a lot of holiday parties, events, especially checking in, a lot of guests coming in from out of town, and the hotel is 24-7.

Restaurants are another place always looking for help, and before you scoff at the prospect...

"You have no idea who will be at the table that you will be waiting on," said Logan. "You don't know if it will be a CEO or a head hunter."

There are some other places always looking for help. Sports arenas need ushers, casinos need all kinds of help and even retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

So what are the best and worst paying jobs in Houston right now? We've got the list!

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