Action Angels gets a man his nose

HOUSTON A local man who lost his nose to cancer was in that situation until reporter Lori Reingold worked with our Action 13 angels to make his Christmas wish come true.

"It feels great just to get out and see the things I've missed for the last year," said David Kelly.

Just being out and about enjoying the holiday spirit is exciting for Kelley. You wouldn't know it, but the nose on his face isn't the one he was born with. It was custom made at M.D. Anderson hospital to replace the nose Kelly lost to cancer more than a year ago.

People would stop and look and kids would say, 'Mister, what happened to you?'" said Kelly. "It freaked me out. I couldn't deal, so I've been housebound ever since."

His insurance covered 15 surgeries, 30 radiation treatments and 125 appointments at M.D. Anderson. But when Kelly had to stop working because of the cancer, his insurance ran out.

"Everything stopped at that point when I no longer had insurance," he said. "I couldn't get prescriptions filled, couldn't get my nose."

A neighbor called the Action 13 Angels and we immediately contacted M.D. Anderson's VP Dr. Ron Walters, who pledged to help.

"Our group does a wonderful job of restoring people to reasonable normal function," Dr. Walters told us. "They just do miracles. It's wonderful the things they can do."

Kelly and his wife could barely believe the good news and within 2 weeks, he could look in the mirror and smile once again.

"All I wanted was my nose for Christmas," he said.

"And you got it," we said.

"And I got it thanks to you and Channel 13," said Kelly.

Many hospitals have programs for patients who run out of insurance. We have some of their plans here. And remember, if you or someone you know needs an angel, we want to hear from you.

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