Longtime family business tries to survive Ike

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An incredible amount of debris came across from Galveston Bay and landed here in Chambers County. You can imagine the relief one family felt when they came home to find it standing, but there's also sadness for those here who can't say the same.

"When we pulled up in our driveway yesterday, I cried," says hurricane survivor Britney Woody. "Because we still have a house and other people don't."

Woody has lived in Chambers County her whole life . She lives next door to her parents and down the road from her grandparents. Their homes were hit hard but are still standing. She's trying to save those special memories that just can't be replaced.

Britney can't help but think of the families who can't even think about trying to save family photos and Christmas cards like she is, because their homes are lying in her family's yard.

"It's just survivors guilt," Britney sobs, "I don't know. But I feel so sorry for all those families across the way."

You see, those people are like family. Britney's family owns and operates Jerry's Seafood and Oystering business. They've been doing business with the people across Galveston Bay for more than 40 years.

Even though everything is cleaned up here, Britney is worrying whether their business can survive this.

"This is all that we know," she told us. "We plan to stay here and me and my dad take over and… hopefully it's there for us to do that."

This family isn't worried only about their livelihood: More than 100 people work for them during the prime season when they are out here getting oysters.

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