Muggers attack sixth graders

HOUSTON Five Burbank Middle School sixth grade students had a surprise meeting with muggers.

"I was crying and really scared because I didn't know what to do," said one student who did not want to be identified.

The incident happened after school along the back fence of the Oxford Place Apartments in northeast Houston. Two women and a man in their early 20s walked up to the kids demanding cash. Scared of what could happen the students complied.

"I reached in my skirt pocket and I gave him the money that I had," one student told us. "I had like $5."

To make matters worse, after the kids were robbed, they were able to point out the suspects to their mom and dad, who they say were sitting on a front porch at the apartment complex.

"We drove, we saw them sitting on the porch one of the females and one of the guys," a student said.

Police were called and are now investigating but no arrests have been made.

Like many families in Houston, both parents work and were not able to pick their kids up, but they have now made arrangements to have an aunt pick the kids up from school.

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