Police looking for more victims

HOUSTON We were first to tell you about the arrest of Dr. Byron Weinle. He's the southeast Houston dentist who police say secretly videotaped people using his office restroom.

Police have looked through the videotapes and say there are a lot more people who were videotaped who may not even realize it.

Dr. Weinle, a married father of two children, is out on bond. He's due in court in downtown Houston Monday. Police are making a public plea. They think there are more victims out there and they need help to identify them.

Weinle, a licensed dentist for 25 years, turned himself in overnight. He's charged with four counts of improper photography, accused of videotaping patients and employees as they used the restroom inside Magnolia Dental Center, his southeast side dental office.

We were there on Monday when police were first called and Weinle was taken away for questioning. They also seized 11 videotapes.

Since then, police have confiscated a dozen more tapes, as well as his office and home computer.

Police have identified two people on the recordings, but they say there are more than 100 more, including some who look underage. One is a former employee who worked for Weinle for 13 years and trusted him.

"Obviously, patients going into a dental care wouldn't even think about something like this happening," said Officer John Barnes with the Houston Police Department. "I'm sure everyone's gone to a dental office and has used the restroom at some point, so extremely violated."

Police say Weinle is cooperating with them and they say he has confessed. But police are trying to identify more victims and they've narrowed down a time frame. If you were a patient of the dentist between 2001 and 2006 and think you used the restroom at his office, police want to you call 713-731-5356.

We did call Dr. Weinle's attorney. He didn't return our phone call.

As for his dental license, we checked with the state dental board. Their general counsel says they're aware of the situation, but can't comment on any ongoing investigation.

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