Dentist charged over secret bathroom camera

HOUSTON Employees at the office say they found the videotapes.

It was Monday when we first told you about the dentist accused of videotaping people using the restroom. We have learned that the dentist is Byron Weinle, 58, a married father with two children. He's had a warrant out for his arrest for six hours now and was charged Thursday afternoon.

It's been four days since Houston police took a silent Dr. Byron Weinle away for questioning.

Now he'll have to do it in court. Weinle, a licensed dentist since 1983 with his own private practice called the Magnolia Dental Office, has been charged with four counts of improper photography. He is accused of secretly videotaping patients and employees in one of the most private of places.

Joann Luna and her coworker are the ones who called police on Weinle, who is their boss, after finding tapes of people using the public restroom inside his office at his southeast side clinic. They recognized restroom as the one they used. Police used a ladder to search the bathroom and confiscated 11 tapes. Joann says they were graphic.

We asked her what kind of person would do this?

"I would say someone's who's sick because who would want to watch that," she replied.

Luna says Weinle has hundreds of patients. His office has been closed since.

Joann is still not sure whether she's on any of the tapes but it doesn't matter. She's retained attorney Terry Bryant and carries around an unbearable sadness and burden.

"It was just stuff I would never want to see," she said. "Unfortunately I did and it stays with me."

We have been trying to track Weinle down but no one answered the phone at his house Thursday night. The phone at his office just rings. If convicted he faces up to two years in prison on each count along with hefty fines. Also, the future of his state dental license is uncertain. Those in the industry tell me dentists have to adhere to strict ethical and moral standards. Even without a conviction, the board could decide he hasn't done that.

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