Houston attorney represents A-Rod's wife

MIAMI, FL Lawyers for A-Rod's wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, filed the paperwork in Florida today [READ THE FILING].

Eyewitness News spoke with divorce attorney Earle Lilly Sunday about the case. He says he's leading a group of attorneys for Mrs. Rodriguez.

Lilly filed the paperwork on behalf of Cynthia Rodriguez in a Dade County, Florida court today. Lilly claims his client has dealt with what he calls "marital misconduct" for almost two years. Lilly says since Cynthia Rodriguez married Alex six years ago, the two now have gone down very different paths.

"She has significant traditional values," Lilly told us by phone. "She has a six-week-old baby that hasn't seen or been in the presence of the child's dad, maybe one time."

The suit cites a "long period of infidelity on the part or Mr. Rodriguez, an all-star baseball player for the New York Yankees." It also claims "emotional abandonment." Lilly will not yet confirm what it is Cynthia Rodriguez is seeking financially.

Lilly confirms the two signed a premarital agreement in 2002 and adds specifics of what the wife of the highest paid player in Major League Baseball will be asking for have not been outlined. The Houston attorney says the marital problems didn't happen overnight and claims his client has been faithful. The latest allegations and tabloids pair A-Rod with singer Madonna.

"Madonna is sort of the last card," said Lilly. "(Cynthia) cannot tolerate the continuation of this non-marital life she has."

Lilly says the pop star is not named in the suit, but says Mrs. Rodriguez claims there have been "many women" along the way.

"One way or another, he must come to the realization that while he has succeeded in enormous levels of athletic success and financial success, he's failed as a husband and father," Lilly said.

Certainly there is another side to this story. We made calls throughout Sunday to A-Rod's representatives. So far, they have not returned to our calls.

Madonna has denied any romantic involvement with Alex Rodriguez. There were several reports last week that A-Rod had been seen making late night visits to Madonna's New York apartment. She is married to film director Guy Ritchie. Madonna has said she met Rodriguez through their common business manager.

Alex Rodriguez is in the middle of a $275 million contract with the Yankees.

The couple has two children -- a three-year-old and newborn. Cynthia Rodriguez is seeking primary custody of the kids.

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