Source: Mother to be subpoenaed

HOUSTON We're hearing one story from police sources and another from the mother of the kids who were killed.

Eyewitness News has learned that the grand jury which will investigate the Sylvester murders has called Jerilynn St. Cyr to tell them what she knows. She's the mother of the children murdered -- three-year-old Denim and 7-year-old Randy, Jr.

When reached Tuesday by phone, St. Cyr told us she had no knowledge of that any subpoena, saying, "No one has talked to me about anything. I don't know how all this works."

Her common law husband, Randy Sylvester, Sr., is now charged with capital murder in the death of their two children. They were missing for nearly a week. Their bodies were found early Saturday morning, burned and dumped near a train trestle in southeast Houston.

Their grandmother says Sylvester may not be the only person who was hiding something, that the mother of the children actually asked her to lie to authorities.

"First thing she slapped me with is, 'Tell the police Randy lives with you'," said Sylvester. "I'm like, why? Randy does not live with me and I'm not going to tell them that.'"

Alanda Sylvester says she isn't sure why St. Cyr would need her to lie. Whether her son is responsible for the murders of his children or not, his mother says there's more to the story that we don't yet know.

"I'm like, 'Why would you even say that? What are you lying for? What are you covering up?'" said Sylvester.

The autopsies are not yet complete and we're told it'll take longer than normal since the bodies were so badly burned. The Harris County medical examiner will use a forensic anthropologist to determine the cause and manner of their deaths.

Meanwhile, Randy Sylvester remains in the Harris County Jail charged with capital murder. He's being held with no bond and is also scheduled to be back in court Wednesday.

Another memorial service in honor of the children is being planned for tomorrow evening in Webster. We're told the children will be buried in New Orleans at a later date.

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