Skull bong cemetery gets cleaned up

HUMBLE, TX Volunteers in Humble were out Saturday repairing the grave and cleaning up that cemetery.

The headstone tells us all we know about Willie Simms. Dead at the age of 11, he was buried at the old Humble Negro cemetery in 1921.

You might remember that teenagers confessed to disturbing Simms' grave, removing the head and smoking marijuana from the skull.

Members of Grace Church of Humble gathered to restore the grave to its proper state

It's work they've been doing for a couple of years.

Willie Simms is not the only person buried in the cemetery, volunteers are also working for those other people buried. There are dozens of graves and volunteers working to wipe away decades of neglect,

There's even an offer of forgiveness for the ones who disturbed this grave.

Investigators say the boy's skull hasn't been found. Three Kingwood teenagers are facing charges in the case. Kevin Jones, Matthew Gonzalez, both 17, and a 16-year-old boy face charges of abuse of a corpse.

As for the cemetery clean-up, the volunteers will also hold a Memorial Weekend ceremony to honor three forgotten military veterans laid to rest at the old Humble Negro Cemetery.

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