Dallas-based restaurant settles discrimination suit

DALLAS, TX They accuse Razzoo's of limiting the hiring and promotion of male bartenders. In the consent decree settling the lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Razzoo's denies the actions.

The company agreed to pay $775,000, which will be divided among male employees who allegedly were discriminated against. Razzoo's also must spend at least $225,000 to hire a personnel consultant or establish an in-house human resources department.

The EEOC filed a discrimination lawsuit against Addison-based Razzoo's, saying the restaurant chain "communicated to managers by e-mail a plan for an 80-20 ratio of women to men" bartenders.

Company attorney Bob Luxen said Razzoo's never discriminated against "any employee or applicant" and denied there was ever a 80-20 policy. He tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Razzoo's settled to avoid the disruptions and costs of a trial.

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