Chase suspect's widow hires attorney

HOUSTON Police say Roland Carnaby claimed to work for the CIA. Even his close family and neighbors were convinced, despite the fact that the CIA says it has nothing to do with him.

The attorney hired by Carnaby's widow is a man known for his work on cases involving alleged violations of a person's civil rights. Randall Kallinen says he's taken only a cursory look at video of the shooting. He says immediately that he has great reservations about what he's seen.

He questions whether officers really feared for their safety, particularly with police admitting Carnaby was never holding a gun in the moments before he was shot.

Investigators say the two officers who fired did so after seeing Carnaby make an overt movement toward something underneath his seat, that they saw something shiny in his hand, something that police tell us was likely his PDA type cell phone.

Three weapons were later found in the SUV. Police say one was actually within Carnaby's reach.

Kallinen wonders though if officers made a mistake in opening fire.

"Indicates a possible mistake. That is an officer was not trained well enough or there was not the particular policies in place which told the officer how to hold his gun, where to stand, what to do in an emergency situation like this one," he told us.

There is still much mystery surrounding the man who led police on a high speed chase through town and showed them what he claimed were CIA credentials, claiming to be a federal agent. The CIA, though, denies he ever worked for them. But those closest to him say it was clear he worked in some clandestine capacity for the federal government.

Police say there is nothing new to report on their investigation of the shooting The medical examiner's office has competed the autopsy on Carnaby. The cause of death is listed as a gunshot wound to the torso. Toxicology tests on Carnaby have not yet been completed.

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