Lamar Consolidated on a roll

RICHMOND, TX The swings look familiar. You might remember them from the summer of 2003, when Richmond Little Leaguers played their way all the way to Williamsport.

"We've all stuck together, all of us here," said Wayne Willis, a junior from Lamar Consolidated. "It's good we stuck together, didn't move schools, so we were happy about that."

Six of the Lamar Consolidated Mustangs played for the 2003 Richmond team, the one that played in the Little League World Series. They've stuck together, grown up together and now they're part of the 24-4A district champs.

"We've able to have that camaraderie we had when we were 12 years old," said Lamar Consolidated junior Cody Robinson. "It's paid off. It's great."

"Just seeing everyone grown up, playing with them since they were 8, 9, and now how seeing how they developed as baseball players as well as young men," said Lamar Consolidated junior Randall Grichuck.

When Randall was 11, he had some power. As a high school junior, nothing has changed. Randall has 14 home runs this season.

The summer of 2003 is a time he'll never forget.

"A lot of baseball," he said when we asked him about what he'll remember about that Little League team's run.

The Mustangs are looking to recapture some of the magic from 2003. These guys know what it means to get on a roll in the playoffs.

"That's valuable experience, even as a youngster," said "If you can be exposed to those types of atmostpheres, it makes it that much easier when you grow up."

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