Man's body found off Galveston Bay

GALVESTON, TX The body was found around 11:15am Sunday by construction crews working on a nearby project.

The victim was only wearing a pair of socks. Galveston police are trying to figure out who the man is and how he got there.

It's normally a quiet community where families look out for other families.

"Everyone knows everyone else, and they've seen everybody's kids grow up," said neighbor Barbara Dover.

But Sunday afternoon, the Coast Guard hovered at close range and at a distance for any signs of evidence.

"You like to go by the water and now I'm afraid I might see something," said Dover.

Something like two construction workers found this morning -- the body of a man found near a concrete bulkhead on 81st Street near Channelview. It's not the first time a body has been found here.

"You get kind of scared and wonder with people coming through your neighborhood doing things like this," said neighbor Sammy Young.

Investigators say the male was found with his hands and feet hog tied and he had something tied around his neck.

"It's unknown where the death occurred. There is a strong north wind today. Either the body was dropped here or may have been on the mainland and floated here overnight," said Interim Chief Phillip Morris with the Galveston Police Department.

Many describe this neighborhood as Galveston's best kept secret, tucked away on the north side of the Island.

"Maybe that's the reason why they put bodies here because they think it will take a while to find them, only if you have business, that's how you would drive through the streets," said neighbor Edna Ornelas.

They hope answers come soon.

"Who likes unsolved crime? If they can find out who did it, it's better for all of us," said Young.

And any fear of what could be at the edge of the water would go away.

"You have the east end where the babies are and this is where the grown ups are. It's really sad," said Dover. "I think it's bringing a bad name to Galveston."

Galveston police say they haven't had any reports of anyone missing in Galveston or the Houston area. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death.

Investigators are releasing a description of the man. They say he has a distinctive chest tattoo. They say he is a white man about 5'9", 160 pounds. He's in his 20s or 30s.

The tattoo on his chest is of a skull with the letters "HD." Police believe it stands for the motorcycle maker Harley Davidson. The man also has several other smaller tattoos.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Galveston police department at 409-765-3760.

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