Galleria area food inspection

HOUSTON Tommy's Grill and Cafe at 2004 Post Oak is the first stop for inspector Gary Lee. Inside, the health inspector found a problem with the dish sanitizer, it was not cleaning properly. A tube that sends the cleaning solution into the machine was leaking fluid instead of pumping it into the machine.

"The manager was on top of it and they called the dish servicing company and they corrected that," Inspector Lee said.

Then the inspector found something wrong with the ice machine.

"They had tan and pink slime inside," he said. "The management had the employees empty it all out and sanitize it and cleaned it all out."

The ice machine was cleaned and back in use in about an hour. Restaurant owner Ed Foteh says he'll do what it takes to keep a clean kitchen.

"I put myself in my customers' shoes when I want to go to a restaurant to eat," he explained. "I want to make sure the place is fit to eat."

Up next the Kolache Factory at 2715 Chimney Rock. Employees asked us to leave, but the health inspector remained inside and made workers toss out 12 pounds of food that had been on display too long. Kolache shops are allowed to leave food on display and at room temperature but not all day.

"Something can be put out there for room temperatures, but they have four hours to sell it or eat it or whatever then it has to be discarded," Inspector Lee told us.

The Kolache Factory did not keep adequate records of when the food was cooked and that meant it had to be thrown away.

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