Woman accused of hanging her dog from tree

TEXAS CITY, TX According to Texas City police, on Monday morning a pit bull was playing roughly with some children. One boy was knocked down and hit his head on the ground. He suffered some scratches, but wasn't bitten.

Texas City Animal Control officers were called to the scene and found Tiffany Hegwood was the owner of the dog. She was advised to bring the dog to the Texas City Animal Control headquarters by noon Tuesday to turn in the animal.

When Hegwood failed to turn over the dog by the deadline, officers headed to her home. While en route, they received a call from Hegwood herself, saying that she'd had a male friend shoot the dog and bury it. She told officers when they got to her home, she'd take them to the dead dog.

When officers arrived, Hegwood said she didn't know where the dog was, but that she would find out. She was instructed to bring the dog to Animal Control by 4pm.

At 2:15 that day, police were called to Animal Control. Hegwood was there with the dead dog and two men. It was apparent that the dog had not been shot.

Police say Hegwood admitted strangling the dog by hanging it from a tree. She and the two men were arrested. The men were questioned and released. Hegwood has been charged with cruelty to animals.

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