Young 'Angels in Training' help others

HOUSTON Hogg Middle School, located in the Heights, is considered a low-income school. But the kids here decided to do something to help other kids in need.

They started a campaign to raise pennies and other change for kids with cancer, and soon it added up -- to $4,000. The children did fundraisers such as selling lollipops for 50 cents apiece and cutting grass. Not only did they make their original goal of $2,000, but they doubled it -- reaching $4,000!

When we told the Action 13 accounting angels from Deloitte about what the school had done, the company decided to double it again.

"We're so happy that the students that we worked with for so long are giving back to the community, that we're going to surprise them," said Fernando Calegari with Deloitte. "We're going to match their contribution penny for penny."

"We would like to present this check to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society."

Now that $4,000 is $8,000 -- the highest amount any Houston school has raised for little cancer patients. We know these young angels are proud of their hard work.

One student said, "It's fun when you're helping other kids."

"Your heart feels so much better for helping a good cause," added another.

The students at Second Baptist School agree. But instead of raising pennies for cancer patients, their goal is to collect shoes and boots for orphaned kids around the world. Kindergarteners through 4th graders all pitched in.

"These kids won't be able to go to school without shoes," one student explained.

"They usually walk all the way to school and they get blisters, fungus and a lot of bad things happen to their feet," another student said.

The kids collected 250 pairs of shoes in all. They'll be boxed and shipped to Russia to Peru to Africa.

One student said, "I hope that some people who really need them will get them."

"They don't have any shoes and it hurts a lot and it just breaks my heart that they don't have any stuff to bring to walk in," a young 'angel' told Eyewitness News.

Shoes, pennies -- simple gifts. But one even the littlest of our new Action 13 angels know can make a big difference.

We're always looking for "little angels", so if you know of a school child who wants to help, here are some ways you can get started.

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